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Innovative Solutions

It is so easy as an engineer to look for the engineering solution to a problem. But have you thought that there might be another way to find a way to resolve the issue? Here are some examples:

Cost Saving

Overstressed bridge cross girders achieving savings of at least 95% of the cost!

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Possession Friendly

Major West Coast Main Line possession – kept one track open for freight/sleeper services.

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Disruption Minimisation

Major disruption to railway and commercial interests from a new railway reduced significantly.

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Major Projects

In the 1980s British Rail tried to treat Major Projects as larger versions of standard projects. The construction of the Channel Tunnel prompted a change in structure and approach that has characterised many projects since.


Project management support services.

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Client side engineering support improving scope

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Integrating possession planning with TOC Access Agreements.

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Feasibility Studies

With the Railways experiencing sustained growth, many people are looking at ways to increase capacity on existing lines, reopen freight lines or closed lines to passenger services or build complete new lines. Feasibility studies help to do this, but it is often advantageous to consider the added benefits that could be realised alongside achieving the projects objectives.

New Developments

New stations with housing development.

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Service Reintroduction

Problems converting freight lines to passenger use.

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Line Reopenings

Line reopenings.

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Mike Dyson


Mike joined British Rail in 1976 and has worked in Civil Engineering, Track Engineering, Project Controls and Scheme Development through his career. Retiring from Network Rail in 2018, Mike set up White Stone 55 to provide consultancy work to the railway industry. Mike has worked on many of the large UK projects, a full list is included in his CV.


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